About us



Hi there! My name is Florencia and I am the owner and maker behind Folk Saints. I was born and raised in Argentina and also lived in Venezuela for part of my childhood. 

My journey as a dulce de leche maker began in 2020 as an exploration of belonging. I became nostalgic for my homeland during the pandemic years and craved having a good artisan dulce de leche. 

Dulce de Leche is a special sweet treat popular in all of South America. It is silky, smooth, creamy, and caramelly. It is very comforting and a great delight for any South American. 

I didn't want to order an industrialized version on Amazon, I wanted a good quality handmade product. And so I decided to make it myself with grass-fed milk and organic sugar. It quickly became my quarantine project, making batch after batch at home until I found the exact proportions of ingredients and perfected the cooking method to make the dulce de leche I loved and treasured in my memory. I decided to share the overflowing amount of the extra batches with friends and family. They received it with support and love and this is how I started to feel I could share this with my extended local community. 

As I fall in love with the craft of making dulce de leche for more and more people, I am discovering the ways I am fulfilled in more ways than I imagined. I am happy to share my culture through the art of cooking, and I am grateful to be part of a growing community of makers who support local economies and diverse businesses.